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My best friend is gone. I’m sad in my room :’(

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Valentino Pre-Spring 2013
I’m a stressed and exhausted muffin

So my mom is still going on about my dumb cousin and I guess she “found him” even though he wasn’t lost and he’s crashing at my brother’s place and my mom is trying to have an intervention this saturday. Like she told me this is her plan. To have an intervention. She’s going to bring him to our cottage and the entire family is going to have an intervention. So. And both my brother and I told her it’s not necessary and to calm down. Even my dad doesn’t agree with her. But he wants to stay out of all the drama. Which I don’t blame him.

So she’s mad because my brother won’t let her into his house….

WELCOME HOME MARY! Your first day back home and you’re asked to have an intervention. Last time this happened fists were flying everywhere!!!!!! :’)

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