🐣 #sketching #girls

Ugh! Falling behind! Violet for #7daysofcolor
Omg, shaddap you are hella bright and amazing! Do what you want to do & don't limit yourself! You are smart in so many different ways. Limiting yourself is one of the most heartbreaking things you can do to yourself. Do what you love and fuck the rest <33

I’m sorry this response is so late. I felt it was important to thank you for your kind words even though that’s the case. So thank you sweet pumpkin pie!! I will! <3


I’ve come a long way.

Cranky little crab. 
Hey sorry if I'm late or early e.e but happy birthday c:

Right on time! Thank you for the birthday wish :)

It’s almost my birthdaaaaaay wooooo!!!! 19!!!!!!!!!
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