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Hey sorry if I'm late or early e.e but happy birthday c:

Right on time! Thank you for the birthday wish :)

It’s almost my birthdaaaaaay wooooo!!!! 19!!!!!!!!!

Rastrophiliopustrocity is a barrage of creative random thoughts, images, and ideas that spontaneously overwhelms the right brain, which then becomes immediately exercised when paired with discernment through the left brain under spacious awareness from an empty point.

Carmel California.
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193/365 │ Pink Martini - Sympathique

Je ne suis pas fière de sa 
mais qui veut me tuer 
C'est magnifique être Sympathique 
Mais je ne le connais jamais

A quick bedtime sketch for last night. This was going to be my first contribution over at http://www.sketchfemme.com/ but I was running a little behind. Either way, it’s a neat weekly sketch challenge site, well worth checking out.
The Theme was ‘Jungle Queen’

Ellen Surrey
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